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Still working on stock for next craft fair (13 July) but am distracted by Wimbledon tennis.  This little one still needs his fins but it’s easier to do the body of the next one watching tv.


After a prolonged break have got back into crocheting.  For a recent craft fair, I wanted to create some beasties to liven up the Seawitch image, and had the brain wave of replicating one of my favourite dive sites in Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.  So we have an octopus, some squid, and jellyfish:

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The jellies and octopi got a bit cutesy so I made up ‘Angry Squid’.  Despite this two little girls were happy to make off with the deep red (Humboldt squid-esque!) one from my stall.

Next I plan to create a ray or two – sting and manta – possibly an angel shark and cuttle fish (adapting the squid pattern).  This year there have been sightings of sun fish (mola mola) so I may try one of those – although they may not make very interesting amigurumis.  I also have plans to incorporate some soft circuits into the the jellyfish to give them illuminated stingers.

Patterns will follow too and the completed items will soon be on sale online via Folksy.

No, I’m not thinking of Del Boy* – but the jubilee. I’m not a royalist but having found a stash of red, white and blue yarn in my store, I played around with some ideas until I came up with the ‘Jubilee Humbug’: suitable for enthusiastic monarchists and those who may not wish to embrace the festivities as much. I’ve ended up with a whole family of humbugs to the delight of my daughter at least.  Of course you don’t have to be British to make these – use any colours you like; it could be for a football team or to match your outfit whatever shade it is!

Trio of Humbug Jubblies

The Jubbly Family

Since they’re so quick to make I’m sharing the pattern with you here; I apologise now for any errors, I haven’t had a chance to get it tested out by a volunteer.   Please let me have feedback so I can make sure future patterns are usable by all. If you get keen and make a bunch to sell, credit Seawitch Designs and of course do not reproduce the pattern for sale yourself.



Ability level: confident beginner.  UK instructions with US in [].

You need:

  • 3 colours of DK yarn (same brand would be best to keep tension even).
  • 2 black safety eyes, buttons or beads
  • Soft toy stuffing
  • 3mm or 3.5mm [D or E] crochet hook

You need to work two 10 by 10 ‘squares’ (they may be more rectangular) as follows:

  1. Using  first colour, chain 11
  2. Turn and dc [sc] in second chain from hook (10)
  3. Turn, chain 1, dc [sc] to end (10)
  4. Join in second colour, turn, chain 1, dc [sc] to end (10)
  5. Turn, chain 1, dc [sc] to end (10)
  6. Work 6 more rows switching colours every second row.
  7. Square is complete on row 10.

Work a second square starting with the second colour for the foundation row.

To make up:

  1. Sew in ends.
  2. Place squares together with stripes vertically and dc [sc] round 3 sides.
  3. If using safety eyes, insert them now in desired position.  (Tip: partially stuff humbug so that it can stand up, line up eyes and then pinch top together to get feel for right position.)
  4. Stuff humbug (not too much!), and then pinch the top together to form a cross.
  5. Join top with dc [sc] and finish off.

Make some more humbugs in alternating colours as I did here.  You could also make them into brooches to pin to clothing or hats.

*Just in case: Del Boy was a character in UK TV programme whose catchphrase was ‘Lovely Jubbly’.

and it seems there’s a new WordPress!  Have I been away that long? (perhaps not, have just given up on the new interface….)

So – Christmas, birthdays (times 3) and anniversaries are past; and am struggling with doing finance-y type things so am not reaching for the yarn stash just yet.  But the longer days are giving me a spur to make stuff – what to start with?  I have ideas for sea creature related amigurumis in mind – but do I make them realistic or cute (complete with teddy bear eyes)?  Or shall I get ready for the next seasonal event and make some lovehearts for Valentines?  Let me know.

And in the meantime just to show I haven’t been completely idle, checkout my store on – a new marketplace in the UK:

More items to follow soon!


Not bah!

Ok – so the wire decorations were not working out (yet), so I finally got to grips with the humbug design.  Not sure if these will get out of the door as daughter will probably want them.  May make them into tree decorations too.

Tis the run up to Christmas and I wanted to make some slightly alternative gifts.  I plan on doing some amigurumi humbugs for those who might not be quite in the spirit, but before I got embroiled in ‘just how do I make that shape?’ I thought I’d try out the stripy pattern.  The second thought was to make the swatch into something useful and so the humbug mobile phone case was born!

I like the end result so much I feel inspired to make it larger and perhaps create Kindle or iPad covers!

WIP - Christmas tree decorations

In more sparkly mode I’ve been playing with beading wire to create snowflake tree decorations.  My original plan was to thread beads onto the wire before crocheting but this made the final snowflake more of a snowball, so I left off the beads, although I did add one to a small circle and place it into the middle of a snowflake.  I’m pleased with the result – they look very effective when the light catches them.  I’m also thinking of making some napkin rings using the beading wire and wine glass charms.  More soon!

The mini coven

Well, actually more Nanny Ogg than mermaids. But they are from me as the Seawitch. They’ll be on sale tomorrow at the craft fair in Enfield, UK from 10. Hurry, hurry!

Evil Spider

Just finished this one, and thought it cute… until I took him outside for a photoshoot and his evil streak came out.  Like black cats, the fur makes it  difficult to get a decent picture.

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