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After a prolonged break have got back into crocheting.  For a recent craft fair, I wanted to create some beasties to liven up the Seawitch image, and had the brain wave of replicating one of my favourite dive sites in Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.  So we have an octopus, some squid, and jellyfish:

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The jellies and octopi got a bit cutesy so I made up ‘Angry Squid’.  Despite this two little girls were happy to make off with the deep red (Humboldt squid-esque!) one from my stall.

Next I plan to create a ray or two – sting and manta – possibly an angel shark and cuttle fish (adapting the squid pattern).  This year there have been sightings of sun fish (mola mola) so I may try one of those – although they may not make very interesting amigurumis.  I also have plans to incorporate some soft circuits into the the jellyfish to give them illuminated stingers.

Patterns will follow too and the completed items will soon be on sale online via Folksy.

I know it’s a little late but I have been busy with horrible financial stuff – the tax return has gone in now and I can get going with the fun again. I have been trawling the web though for ideas on Lilypad arduino, Aniomagic’s Sparkle and soft circuits in general.
This is my resolution for 2012: merge the tech with the craft! However am in stasis since I’ve now done so much research I can’tdecide whether to go for the easier option of Sparkle (no programming involved) or to go with the Lilypad which is more challenging (C programming needed and I only ever did Pascal) plus I’m not sure what the future development of these will be, or to do-it-myself using battery packs, conductive wire and LEDs. One tip I will follow though is to use beeswax to coat the wire as this should make it easier to sew with.

To show I haven’t been completely idle on the crafting front, here are some of the things I’ve been making this month:

  • Chthulhu from the Creepy Cute book (Nicki Trench) for my friend Janette; I promised her this only two years ago and have actually redone a lot of it since as I realised the crochet was so loose it going to show the stuffing.
  • It was high time to make something for myself so I decided on a headband and matching snood (neck warmer?); the challenge was to make something that would go with my ski anorak (I felt I would be needing to wear it this month) and my fave black non-puffa puffa from Uniqlo. Since I’m not a frills kind of girl I went for using strong colours with two strands of DK and simple shapes. I like the final effect although have had to pad the headband with second layer of crochet as it has large gaps. I could only find a 12mm crochet hook on the day I decided to create this wonder as I’d mislaid the pencil case containing my entire collection of hooks, snips and tapestry needles. The resulting open pattern of half trebles worked up quickly but did let the wind through on a test run outside!

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And since I’ve mentioned the pencil case I will share its loveliness (depends if your as much a fan of Mr Monkton’s quirky cartoons and rhymes as I am!)

Shoe of Salvation

As part of my plan for this year I’m attending a workshop at the V&A on soft circuits – making cushions that light up and rattle. I have a plan to do my own creation post workshop based on brain coral swirls. I have a picture by Alex Mustard of brain coral under UV light and the colours are stunning. So purples, greens and maybe pink with some glittery lights is the aim. (If you want to see the photo follow this link: )

Am feeling chuffed that my mate ordered a ‘venom dripping’ spider (see October blog for pic)  for his mum’s birthday and was a little let down when the ‘itsy bitsy cute, fluffy’ one arrived. His mum was happy though and if it helps her to get over her arachnophobia that’s worth something?

On the garden front, have lost the battle with the local squirrels as they’ve dug up and eaten all the crocus and tulip bulbs I’d planted; they left the broad beans and, eventually, the garlic alone so at least I have some feeling of being green fingered. The squirrels are getting ever bolder, I found one sitting on the windowsill eyeing up the indoor plants recently, and they both sit on the fence trying to stare me out whilst I’m in the kitchen. Stlll they’re doing me a favour by eating the remaining crab apples – I just wish they’d leave the plants alone as they keep digging them up to find acorns and other goodies they think are down there.