I normally drink tea, but sometimes coffee just hits the spot. At home, I love using the cafetiere to make ‘proper’ coffee but find that the last cup usually comes out too cold. I don’t have a microwave so can’t blast it in that; tea cosies seem to keep tea warm so I reasoned some kind of cafetiere cover would be useful. I created this one using recycled cotton yarn and bought some wooden style buttons to trim it with. I used a stitch called ‘spike stitch’ which gives a great texture and, I hope, better insulation. The fastenings are done in double crochet (single in US terms). I will be putting the pattern up here soon as cafetieres seem to be so varied in size that I can’t really offer the finished product. However I do have this one for sale on Storebeez: http://www.storebeez.com/products/green-cafetiere-cosy/1007/

I made two coasters out of the remaining yarn (one shown here).