I mentioned that I was going to be have a ‘stall’ at a virtual craft fair, it’s run by Creative Connections in the UK, but people seem to be from all over.  I’ll be putting the link up to it soon but in the meantime, url will folllow nearer the date!

Virtual Craft Fair

And  on another note, here is the jam pot cover come table mat that I created as a thank you present to a friend who keeps me in jams and pickles for the year.  I used a Coats pattern for dressing table mats as the basis for this but used a much thicker cotton.  The yellow as to contrast with the chilli jam I’d made -actually more like sweet chilli sauce – and top tip: don’t inhale chilli fumes;  I took the lid off the food processor and breathed deeply…. and then felt I was never going to breath again.  Be warned!
So is this vintage?  I used a vintage pattern, but the yarn is anything but!  Give me your thoughts (and accept my apologies for formatting, can’t persuade WordPress to accept the changes I’ve made!)