Not another non-crochet blog post?  Yes, but one of my other passions is gardening so stick with it as there will be many more!

This summer we managed to get a few days on the Isle of Wight; we used to go every year to a bike rally in early May (BD – before daughter) and in the summer sometimes went to spend a long weekend near Ventnor to let ‘imself relive childhood hols.

Having spent a day on the beach collecting cockle shells (which I’ll be using for a crafty effort soon), and then another day trekking
up to the Old and New Batteries at the Needles with my daughter, we had a day visiting the innards of the island by car.  One place we’d never visited, although it’s been there around 30 years, was the Garlic Farm  We indulged ourselves with a few of their chutneys, and, after a tasting session, went for some smoked garlic too.  But I’ve been told by many people that garlic is easy to grow, and having recently been making more forays into growing my own veg in my shady, almost earthless garden, I decided this year would be the one to try garlic in a pot.  So I read the info and went for the Early Purple Wight  – mainly because you can harvest the bulbs early in the season (around May) – growing veg in pots requires a dedication to watering that I sometimes lack!  I’d been putting off the actual planting until I’d cleared the tomatillos, also purple, and beans that I had this year – but my conscience was jogged by seeing the farm on the BBC’s Great British Food Revival, Series 2.  So half an hour later I have a smug feeling of having done something energetic and a pot of garlic waiting to sprout – and as luck would have it, it’s now drizzling so I don’t even have to water them in (well, maybe later).

Extra joy, the local farmers’ market stocks the Garlic Farm produce so I can get my fix of British garlic – which according to
Clarissa Dickson Wright in the Beeb programme ‘has more kick’ than the imported stuff.  I won’t be doing her garlic pudding though, and will adapt her stuffed tomato recipe to  be veggie friendly in a way that would horrify her.

As I forgot to take a picture, I am sharing memories of the sunny trip on IoW instead.  Roll on next summer!

Leading the way to the Old Battery

Cinnabar moth caterpillars